Not sure whether to invest in an instrument or opt for a rental? Being interested in learning an instrument can be a great learning experience. But deciding whether or not to rent or buy can be a tricky decision. Is it worth buying an instrument? How long will it be used? Is renting a better option? Read on to see the pros and cons of renting an instrument.

Pros of Renting an Instrument

  1. Flexible – Rental programs can be a great option. They have a pick-up and drop-off date, which is ideal if you want to try a different instrument at the end of the rental period. They are able to exchange for something new and are without the commitment of having to purchase the instrument.
  2. Repairs – Most instruments come with a repair and maintenance plan, sometimes included in the rental fee. If something goes wrong, customers can bring their instruments in for maintenance or repair.
  3. Money-saving – If you decide you dislike playing the instrument or decide to quit band or music lessons, then you have saved yourself from the expense of owning the instrument forever.

Cons of Renting an Instrument

  1. Long-term expense – If you decide to play for the future years to come, then renting can become expensive. In the case that they play for years into the future, purchasing an instrument may be a cheaper alternative.
  2. Use – Many of the rental instruments are older models. Although they are sanitized for the next user, they could have dents or flaws compared to new instruments.

There are definitely positive and negative aspects of renting an instrument. Many different variables can go into the decision to buy or rent. Hopefully, this article gave you some clearer insight and will make that decision easier. To view instruments for rent or for purchase, visit our Reverb store.