As one of the oldest instruments around the world, there are many different types of drums that are all unique in their own way.

Different types of drums are made using different materials in order to make different sounds. These materials can be different woods such as maple, birch, poplar, mahogany, walnut, and more.

Drums are commonly used in modern pop music but can be played differently in order to achieve different types of sounds for other types of music.

Bass & Snare Drums

The bass drum is also known as the kick drum. As the largest drum, drummers play it with their feet. It will create a punchy low-end tone to complement other drums of different tones. The diameter of the bass drum can usually be 20 to 24 inches.

A well-known drum in modern music would be the snare drum. It makes a distinctive high-tone sound. The diameter is about 13 to 14 inches and the outside is typically made with metals such as steel, aluminum, or bronze.

Floor & Rack Toms

The floor tom produces a low-end boomy sound with a deep tone. The diameter is 14 to 16 inches.

The rack tom produces an open, resonant sound when struck with a defined pitch and tone. Also, the diameter is usually 10 to 12 inches.

There are some drums that come down from the past century and are exclusively played using a musician’s hands.

Hand Drums

The bongo is an Afro-Cuban percussion instrument contains two drums, which are each named Macho and Hembra. The large one is considered the female drum and the small one is considered the male drum.

The djembe is a drum that comes from west Africa. It is made of solid hardwood such as mahogany. It is common for people to play this instrument while celebrating.

There are more different types of drums around the world that you do not notice. If you wish to know more information about the different types of drums that are offered by Indie Music, visit our Drums page to learn more.