Age doesn’t matter at all to learn musical instruments. Everything is possible if you have the will to learn a musical instrument! Understanding which are the best beginner instruments for all ages is very important. Picking up a new hobby is most definitely in the works for many people. For adults, maybe you want to learn an instrument but don’t know which to choose. For parents trying to keep their young ones entertained, it can be challenging, but learning a new instrument can keep your child entertained and out of your hair.

While the task may seem daunting and overwhelming at first, there are many instruments easy enough to pick up today. There are many instruments that fit the perfect category for those who are trying out as new beginners! Who doesn’t want to try an instrument, pick up a new hobby, and find a new way to express yourself?

The Piano

Recognized and loved by many, the piano is an instrument sure to bring a great understanding of music. Easy enough to play with or without sheet music, you will be able to play everything from the classics to unique pieces with just some practice. In a more long-term sense, if you seem to fall in love with the hobby, the piano is connected to numerous other instruments, making the shift from one instrument to another that much easier!

Furthermore, an ambitious beginner may want to try the piano. A classic, elegant, piece of music, the piano is truly one of the most soothing, self-expression beauteous forms of an instrument. Although a bit more costly, the piano will require a couple of formal classes, professional tuning, and a truly well-made, great investment of a piano to express one’s notes and pieces they will learn. Although a bit more work than the others, the piano’s payoff for a beginner is truly rewarding!

The Guitar

The guitar is a little more difficult than other instruments, but the reward is greater. If you have time to spare, it is one of the best instruments to learn regardless of age.

The acoustic guitar is a great instrument for beginner musicians! It lets you focus on the music itself, note by note. It is commonly connected to the piano, so transitioning between these two instruments will become that much easier. While acoustics are a more mellow approach, electric guitars offer a bit more excitement in their musical journey.

Coming in a variety of styles, sizes, and color, the guitar instrument is a classic and fairly easy to pick up! Those who take up a guitar as their first instrument, also have a much easier time switching to other guitar styles, like the ukulele. Picking up the guitar to learn as an instrument opens up many doors for other, more complex instruments, to be “picked up” that much easier and smoother. There are also that many more audio covers, and professional artists soundtracks that make it easier for one to start as a beginner and get the hang of it.

Indie Music offers a wide selection of guitars to choose from alongside lessons, making the hobby more interactive and educational. 

The Recorder

Introduced to many children through their school’s music programs, the recorder is a great beginner instrument. It is a smaller, quieter, and more mobile instrument easy to pick up by anyone. The recorder is one of the easiest instruments to learn regardless of age. Especially for older users, it’s a very suitable and easy instrument because it doesn’t take much breath to make a sound while playing the recorder. In addition, it is easier to learn clarinet, saxophone, and flute when you get used to using a recorder!

Aside from the convenience, it is far more affordable than an investment in any other instrument, so this may be a smart choice for children. Sheet music is often simplified for this instrument as well, the ability to learn is going to come that much easier. It is a great introduction to other pipe instruments!

Drums & Percussion Instruments

Not confident in playing tuned instruments? Then think about percussion. Percussion instruments are especially popular. In particular, drums are one of the best instruments to learn at any age.

A drum set is a great instrument for beginners, ranging of all ages, and is super fun too! You can picture yourself as a “drummer,” when learning the basic skills. A drum set provides the ability for a newcomer to feel that much more advanced and part of something bigger than themselves. This is thanks to their ability to produce rich rhythm sound, and truly the base of all music tempos stem from them. Drums are great for coordination, music tempo matching, and expressing yourself.