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Indie Music Store

New & Used Instruments

Indie Music Store

New & Used Instruments and Music Lessons

We specialize in drums and percussion, and we offer the best in new and used electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, band and orchestra, and accessories for the working musician. Whether you are looking for your first instrument or something rare and vintage, Indie Music has you covered.

Indie Music caters to music students, aspiring musicians, working musicians and gearheads alike. We offer lessons in most instruments and offer a wide-ranging inventory of instruments and accessories. Please talk to our professional sales staff about your musical needs. With 15 years of experience, we can help guide you to fit your needs. 

We can get almost anything and appreciate the chance to price match and special order. We will even ship to your doorstep!

Thank you for supporting small business.

Best Beginner Instruments for All Ages

Age doesn't matter at all to learn musical instruments. Everything is possible if you have the will to learn a musical instrument! Understanding which are the best beginner instruments for all ages is very important. Picking up a new hobby is most definitely in the...

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Different Types of Drums

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10 Reasons to Have Music Lessons at Indie Music

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10 Guitar Songs That Make Learning Worthwhile

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